When do I have to apply for this coverage?

Coverage can be purchased anytime up to one year after purchase of your hearing instrument. If you apply after 1 year from date of purchase or if the hearing instrument has been replaced under the manufacturer's loss coverage over 30 days ago, a signed and dated letter from your dispensing office/clinic stating the condition of your hearing instrument must accompany your application and payment.

If I have a damaged hearing instrument, what do I do?

If your hearing instrument is accidentally damaged, obtain a claim form from your dispensing office/clinic or print the claim form from our website. Mail the completed claim form and damaged hearing instrument to Midwest Hearing Agency We will have the manufacturer repair it and return it to your dispensing office/clinic.

Will my coverage continue after my hearing instrument is repaired?

Yes, until expiration or termination of your policy.

If I have a loss, what do I do?

Should your hearing instrument be lost or damaged beyond repair, obtain a claim form from your dispensing office/clinic or print the claim form from our website. Send us the completed claim form via internet, fax (952-835-9481) or U.S. mail. In the event of an in the ear instrument, an ear impression must be sent with the claim form (unless there is a laser scan on file with the manufacturer). We will replace it with the same make and model, if available otherwise it will be replaced with a like kind.

Will my coverage continue on my replaced instrument?

No, a completed new application and proper premium will need to be submitted to Midwest Hearing Agency

What if I want to cancel this insurance?

Send written request for cancellation to Midwest Hearing Agency Cancellation by you within 30 days of the inception date will result in the full premium being refunded to you. Any request after 30 days, a minimum premium will be retained. The insurance company may cancel by giving you 45 days written notice and refunding the unearned premium on a pro-rata basis.

Can this policy be renewed?

Yes, approximately 60 days prior to the expiration date, a renewal notice will be sent so you can continue your coverage.

If I have a change in hearing instrument or address, etc., what do I do?

Send written notice of any changes to Midwest Hearing Agency, as soon as possible. We will make the requested change and mail you an updated policy.